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posted on: 31 January 2016
Haat Baazar - A fundraising event
Haat Baazar - A fundraising event
Haat Baazar - A fundraising event on 31st Jan 2016

Haat Baazar is one of the Fundraising events that Tewa has been doing since 2014. It serves as a platform for our volunteers, grantees and grantee's beneficiaries to promote and sell their products where as for Tewa, it helps to promote community philanthropy. The main objective of the Haat Baazar is to raise local funds for grant making to registered women's groups all over Nepal. This year the event was organized on 31st January at Durbar Marg. As we had planned to make the event more attractive and classic, we had 4 food stalls of our volunteers- 'Yomari' by our grantee: cooked right on the spot using fire wood, 'sel and alu tarkari' by our volunteers: cooked right on the spot using fire wood, Newari food set by our volunteer and 'paani puri' by our staff and rather than using paper plates we encouraged them to use leaf plates and keep the environment clean. There was an excellent participation from our grantee organizations and volunteers such as Soko Dev Organization Lalitpur, Griha Sramik Tamang Maheela Samaj, to name a few. Likewise, there was participation from our volunteers who had stalls selling chocolates, food, woolen clothes, candles and also items made from silk. There were altogether nine stalls and more than 100 visitors at the Haat Baazar and we were able to raise around NRs 72,000.