Among different fund-raising events organized by Tewa, 88 Days Campaign was introduced for the first time in Nepal, with the slogan “Women’s Rights are Human Rights”. This campaign was launched on 10th December 2005 coinciding with the International Human Rights Day, and it was concluded on 8th March 2006 again coinciding with the International Women’s Day. The campaign ran for 88 days. From there on the campaign is an annual event celebrated by women rights organizations and activists.

Among the International Network of Women’s Funds (INWF) this campaign was pioneered by HER Fund, Hong Kong and they have been successfully using it as a fund raiser activity since 2004. HER Fund very kindly shared this innovative fund-raising idea with the members of the Asian Network for Women’s Funds (ANWF) in the 1st ANWF meeting in Mongolia. During the meeting, the ANWF members, MONES from Mongolia, Nirnaya from India and Tewa from Nepal agreed to take this idea and launch it in their respective countries. Not only ANWF members, but organizations like Mama Cash, from the Netherlands also started this campaign.

This campaign helped to highlight the issue of women’s rights and human rights which in the current national situation is very important; where there are many instances of violation of their rights.

The campaign was launched by organizing a press conference on 9th December 2005. The event was covered in the national dailies and electronic Medias as well.

Tewa had made special “Thaili” (pouch) for the donors to put their donations and the Thailis were collected after March 10, 2006. After the conclusion of the event, a press release was made to indicate how much funds the event was able to raise.

88 Days Campaign is not only an interesting fund-raising event but it is also an effort to raise awareness about women’s rights and human rights, and was a unique way to mobilize resources for women’s rights. During the campaign, Tewa supporters were requested to contribute One Rupees (or more if they wished) a day.

This campaign is successful in its objective to highlight women’s rights as well as philanthropic giving for Tewa’s grant making. It also demonstrated that even a single Rupee a day is a valuable way to support a cause that can make a difference  in lives of rural Nepali women and their families.

This 88 days campaign is a regular fund raising event of Tewa and we have it annually. It starts on 10th December on Human Rights day and ends on 8th March  on International Women’s Day – which makes it 88 days.